Flower pattern 5

Amrita Babwah

Graphic Designer

To know about me is to know all of my strange quirks and habits and hobbies that make me love what I do and strive to do better. For instance, I'm a people-watcher, in the strictest, non-creepiest sense of the word. I love to watch people and try to figure out what makes them tick. I love to see the resemblances on the faces of families and the passion in the eyes of people when they talk about the things they love. I like to observe and create things that people will say, ' Wow, I love this....I can relate to this." In a simple way , I have the eye of a designer, with the soul of an artist.


TEL: 745-9135

WEBSITE: https://amrita09ab.wixsite.com/amritababwahdesigner